Apple tvOS 11 beta causing preview/thumbnail issues with Tablo app

On one of my Apple TV 4’s I took the plunge to check out tvOS 11.0 (15J5324f) public beta. I’m running the Tablo app version 1.2 (35) and firmware 2.2.16.

Since updating to tvOS 11.0, I’ve noticed that the screen preview while either fast forwarding or rewinding a recorded show (during playback) sometimes does not update. The thumbnails also sometimes don’t update when the playback is stopped and scrolling around the timeline. FFW/REW during playback is also no longer smooth (i.e., the mm:ss counter is jumpy).

Just letting the Tablo folks know just in case they are preparing the next release for tvOS 11.

(PS: other apps, like Netflix, continue to display thumbnails and previews just fine)

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@KapnKrunch Thanks for the heads-up! Our iOS team is already at work on making tweaks for iOS 11 to ensure compatibility. Stay tuned!

Will the next version of Tablo on Apple TV also be backwards compatible with tvOS 10? I don’t want to upgrade to 11 until all the bugs and issues are worked out… which could take a while.

@TBC007 There shouldn’t be any issue in running a slightly older version of tvOS.

Apparently Netflix is also experiencing issues with their FFWD previews in the new beta which points at a system-level issue w/ the Apple TV. Given the pull Netflix has, it would be surprising if Apple didn’t get a fix for this nailed down before tvOS 11 ships.

Regardless - we’re keeping an eyeball on everything!

Indeed! I just experienced issues with Netflix on the Apple TV related to RW/FFW, so I’d definitely agree this is a system-level bug associated with tvOS 11.

It’s still not fixed and I’m using tvOS 11. Traded email with Tablo tech support and they are aware of it and this is what they say:

"This is an issue our team is currently aware of and we’re in communication with Apple regarding a solution. The issue arose on Apple’s end when they made an update to their tvOS, but we’ve made them aware of the problem and we’re just waiting on a fix from their end.

Their turnaround time is usually pretty solid with stuff like this, so it shouldn’t be long before an update is released with a fix :)"

Sure wish this would get fixed! not having it is VERY frustrating. This was one of the main reasons I bought Tablo.

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A fix is now on its way: NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v 1.3.2)