Apple TV vs Fire Stick vs Roku Stick

We are full time in our RV and one thing that my wife misses is our old DVR (Channels App on a Synology NAS, too big to fit into the RV easily), so the Tablo Gen 4 is very interesting. We have two Apple TV devices, but I am willing to replace them since my wife hates the Apple TV remote :grinning:

So, if I am essentially starting over, which platform is better for Tablo? Fire Stick or Roku Stick? We are Amazon Prime users, so I suspect that the Fire Stick integrates better into Prime Video, but we also watch classic TV on Pluto, Freevee, etc.


@Ron_Lewen Personally, I use Amazon Firestick devices – I have the TabloTV app running on a Firestick 4K Max and on a FireTV Cube. Both work very well.

I have not tried the TabloTV app on a Roku device, but have seen a number of users commenting on this forum that they were not fully satisfied with the performance of that version of the app. Recommend you try a search for β€œRoku” on the forum and see what those users have to say.

My choice is GO FOR IT with Firestick version of the TabloTV app.


I have searched for both Roku and Fire and read all that pertained to the Gen 4 Tablo :grinning:

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