Apple TV to Google TV

Looks like I’m getting a new TV that comes with a Google TV, aka Android TV.

I’ve been very happy with my Apple TV 4K box, and it’s Tablo interface; what can I expect will be the major differences using the Tablo app with Google TV?

Do voice command such as “skip forward 2 minutes and 15 seconds” work on Google TV?

Is there a reason why you won’t continue to use your Apple TV 4K?

Just because your new TV comes with Google TV, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you are happy with your current setup I would just ignore the Google TV and stick with your Apple TV.

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No, that’s a Siri-specific feature so as @3rdRockOKC recommended you might as well keep your Apple TV connected if you like it.

I don’t have a TV with built in Google TV, but I do have a Google Chromecast with Google TV that comes with its own remote.
Not sure if you’re will be the same, but, just in case…

The remote has basic remote features:
up/down/left/right dial with OK button in the middle;
volume up/down;
Google Assistant;
switch TV input.

Missing common features:
fast forward;

I was under the impression that certain TV apps will provide a better experience with the “native” Google TV platform versus the HDMI connected Apple TV 4K. I have the first generation Apple TV 4K, which it’s claimed can’t support full resolution Dolby Vision 4K content. I’d be happy to find out that this is not the case. I do t really want to have to change interfaces and remotes each time I choose a TV app to use.