Apple TV recordings


Did something change in the apple TV app? I can no longer find old recordings. The recordings menu takes me to the list of “recent” recordings, showing me several of the most recently recorded shows. But I can’t find the other view that lets you select a particular show and see all of that shows recordings.

Yeah mate, same issue here. Didnt notice previously but today groupme noticed it. Anyone with more information on the location?
Help is appreciated.


Either they fixed the problem or it is limited to few. My Apple TV this morning shows all of my past/present recordings. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Tablo app? Hope this problem gets resolved for you.

Uninstalled and reinstalled… Now the view I was looking for is back. But I lost the view to see recently recorded. Oh well, I rarely use that one.

You have to hit the touch pad to pull-up what you want