Apple TV not scrolling

When watching a recorded show the scrolling is very jerky and seems to want to keep jumping back to the “play” point. This problem is most pronounced when I’m watching a show as it’s being recorded/
I have an Apple 4 running tvOS 13.2 running app 1.7.5 with firmware 2.2.26.

Can you clarify this?

When you say scrolling, do you mean fast forwarding or rewinding?

If so, try pausing and using a swipe gesture on the remote versus clicking to the right or left.

Clicking the remote will only change the position by 10 seconds at a time.

I’m sorry… I should have been more specific. I think what you suggest is what I’m finding doesn’t work smoothly and tends to jump back to the start point. Not fast forwarding or rewinding but hitting pause and then scrubbing with the thumb on the Apple TV remote. I do understand the difference between the clicking, which I often use without problem, the fast forward which works OK and the scrubbing which doesn’t work smoothly.

I have tried unplugging the Tablo box, signing out and back in and restarting the Apple TV box.