Apple TV constant buffering with live TV

Recently, the live TV stream goes to buffering constantly.  Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Setup > AppleTV, iPAD2 over WiFi 5GHz and wired
Fast Startup is not enabled

Can you try your 2.4 GHz network band?

I assume the Tablo is wired?

Okay this more pausing/buffering.

I put the Apple TV & the iPad on the 2.4GHz.
Tablo is wired.

Typically 2.4GHz has a deeper reach through the house/office then 5GHz. The trade off is, the 2.4GHz spectrum can be crowded since everything under the sun uses the 2.4GHz spectrum.

Had a cordless phone a few years ago that carried a great signal. Only to discover, that turning it on took out the WiFi network. Had to change channels. but even then that does not always fix the crowded spectrum issue.


Glad to hear it. I hope others see this thread as well. No one seems to believe that wireless speeds can be s real issue.

Maybe put “RESOLVED” in the thread title? You can edit it.