Apple TV App, Select Program by Season?


On a computer or iOS, it’s possible to select a specific season first and then select episodes from that season. Is this UI available on Apple TV?


You can skip season to season rather than episode to episode using the FF button on the Roku app, Apple TV app is built on the same API.


No only option is record new and record all and if you have check don’t record duplicate it will skip the same show


Good thought–the remote “command” for FF on an Apple TV would either be a click on the top-right of the touch surface (~30 second skip) or a held top-right of the touch surface (FF until released). Neither seem to jump forward by seasons in the Tablo Apple TV UI.


Thanks for the thought–in this case I’m interested in jumping between seasons of recorded shows, rather than manipulating the recording options.


Boo - guess the Apple TV remote doesn’t have enough buttons then - Apple over simplified it :wink:

I have an iPhone and iPad so I’m not hating on Apple.