Apple TV app not workin

Hi there, I am new to Tablo so looking forward to being a part of the community but the existing Apple TV app that shows up in the Apple TV apps does not function properly. I get a black screen and does not display live channels. Any help here? Or when is a new updated app coming out?

@Twobeaglesjtj Welcome. If you are looking for the app that is related to the Tablo Gen 4 device, unfortunately, my understanding is that it is not yet ready for Apple TV. The correct app for The Gen 4 is the “TabloTV” app that shows up in app stores with a black icon background. Tablo support has indicated that the Apple TV app is a high priority and they are working on it, but will not provide an ETA due to uncertainties in testing and debugging.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info!! Hopefully soon…

A lot of us have this issue and I have to switch to a FireTV Cube to use this. Then I switch back to the AppleTV device for everything else. About the only reason I come here off and on is to find out about the AppleTV app.