Apple TV app not workin

Hi there, I am new to Tablo so looking forward to being a part of the community but the existing Apple TV app that shows up in the Apple TV apps does not function properly. I get a black screen and does not display live channels. Any help here? Or when is a new updated app coming out?

@Twobeaglesjtj Welcome. If you are looking for the app that is related to the Tablo Gen 4 device, unfortunately, my understanding is that it is not yet ready for Apple TV. The correct app for The Gen 4 is the “TabloTV” app that shows up in app stores with a black icon background. Tablo support has indicated that the Apple TV app is a high priority and they are working on it, but will not provide an ETA due to uncertainties in testing and debugging.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info!! Hopefully soon…

A lot of us have this issue and I have to switch to a FireTV Cube to use this. Then I switch back to the AppleTV device for everything else. About the only reason I come here off and on is to find out about the AppleTV app.

I have what might be considered a dumb question but can you confirm for me that to get the Apple TV compatible with Tablo it will be a software update?
I want to get started wit Tablo but I don’t want to wait for the Apple TV compatibility. But I will want it to work with Apple.
I’m planning on ordering the quad Tablo and installing an antenna. Adding a 2 terabyte drive. Then dropping YTTV. Thanks

I think you will be shooting yourself in the foot… If you buy into the Tablo without a public Apple TV App.

Your money will be spent and you will grow increasingly impatient like all the other people who did the same thing.

Do yourself a favor and wait.

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If you’re looking to ONLY use it on your AppleTV device, then @KimchiGUN is right: wait.

If you have other devices that you’e able to use the Tablo on, I’d say go ahead and get it now so you can get used to the system and how it works. If you have no compatible devices and are looking to get one, I’d recommend the $20 ONN 4k box. It’s not the highest powered STB, but it’s cheap and it does play nice with the 4th gen white Tablo.

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I have a Sony Google tv but I’d have to change input and remotes. But I may go ahead and get started. I think the Apple update will be out in a few weeks it’s in beta testing now

Not understanding why you’d need different inputs and remotes, but it’s your system and you know best. :-).

It would be great if the AppleTV version was out in a few weeks, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’d play it safe and expect it to take a couple of months – that way you’re not too disappointed. And you can always sign up for the beta testing when you have your Tablo set up.

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What I imagine they mean is their primary device is an Apple TV but since they have a Sony Google TV they could switch from the Apple TV to the Google TV and use the Tablo 4th gen Android TV app in the meantime.

Ahh… switching TVs entirely. I was thinking that they had the AppleTV connected to the GoogleTV.

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Now, that’s exactly what I meant. Their Sony TV likely has the Google TV “OS” as the OS for the TV and their Apple TV is connected via HDMI. They would therefore switch inputs between their TV and their Apple TV.