Apple TV app just stops live TV

I’ve had this happen now at least once a day since the 1.1 app was released - watching live TV then out of the blue I’m kicked out to the guide.

Network monitoring shows no issues, the channel signal strength didn’t change, but the live feed stops. I can open it right back up and it will begin playing again, although I’ve lost any buffer I had.

Is this at the end of the hour? As in when the show is done? Or totally random?

Totally random, for instance the news was on and it stopped 5 minutes in, then later it did the same thing during Jeopardy about 15 minutes in.

@huckabeec Do you have a hard drive connected? If you watch live TV on another device, do you run into the same issue?

@TabloSupport Yes hard drive is connected. I have not seen this on the iPad or iPhone yet but we do the majority of our TV watching via our Apple TV devices. Tablo and Apple TVs are all on the same gigabit switch, no wireless or home router involved.

I’ve had this happen a couple times as well, also 100% wired (no WiFi). Guessing it might be a buffering issue because I’ve found that after starting Live TV, if I pause for 5-10 seconds, the issue doesn’t happen.

I’ve noticed this happen intermittently on both wired and wireless connection after installing the most recent update. The only workaround is to do a hard restart by unplugging the Tablo power cord and reconnect. The internet connection is 30 Mbps down with 10 Mbps up and Speedtest shows I have 28 Mbps when.

The speed of your internet is not really relevant when it comes to local streaming. This is what Speedtest returns, internet speeds, not local speeds.

@theuser86 Makes a good point; all of the streaming traffic for the Tablo is local. It could still be network related; try rebooting your networking hardware and the Tablo.

In my use case, I’ve got local network monitoring that shows me there is no issue with the switch. My Tablo gets an almost daily reboot due to the other issues with the latest firmware.

Joining this thread as I too am experiencing the same issues with the Apple TV based client. I have a television with both the Roku and Apple TV Client. The Roku client operates as expected while the Apple TV client struggles through the buffer and then consistently freezes.

Based on the Apple TV clients version number and limited feature set it does not appear to be very mature. Hopefully some of these issues are being tracked as bugs and worked on.