Apple TV app is not finding Tablo HDMI

I can not get the Apple TV app to connect to my Tablo dual hdmi . With that said none of the apple devices iPad iPhone Apple TV will connect. My ruko works fine.

I have tried both ways wireless and Ethernet. Apple tv connected to the same router as Tablo device. Put the Tablo’s IP into the DMZ in my router also . Have rebooted the unit many times. Fresh set up etc. used the guide on resources tab. Any help would be appreciated.

Since you mention you have the HDMI version, just to confirm, you have the TV Guide Data Service subscription referenced below, correct? It sounds like you do since you say the Roku works fine but just want to confirm.

Yes I do. I do notice in that last line you pictured does not mention Apple TV device.

Yeah, sorry, I should have scrolled down even further in that page. I don’t have an HDMI Tablo but further down in the FAQs it does say Apple TV is NOT supported…

This page (if you click on the Unsupported Devices section) indicates it’s due to technical limitations…

Yup you hit in on the nose. After using the setup guides for most of the day , I realized the hdmi unit is not as capable. Lucky I am retired had nothing better to do :joy:.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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