Apple TV app idiosyncrasies

Maybe Tablo is not designed to watch shows as they are being recorded with a 15 minute advance. That is to say I watch the news that is being recorded on the recording 15 minutes after it starts. I could do this easily on my Rogers PVR. In any case, what used to happen was when I was watching the news(Or anything else being recorded) sometimes the playback would jump to the live portion. No, if I’m watching the news being recorded more often than not, it will jump to the beginning of the stream. And we all know what a joy it is to fast forward with the Apple TV remote. Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes, it’s been mentioned before and is a known issue with the AppleTV app.

Yes see it nightly; very reproducible.

It’s new. It’s not improved.

Frustrating - we watch news and Jeopardy on the Tablo. That’s about it.

The news we watch a few minutes delayed so we can (manually :frowning: ) skip the commercials.

Jeopardy does have commercial skips by the time we watch it, BUT 1 in 10 skips it puts the homePods out of sync and I need to pause and resume to resend them. Tablo is the the only Apple TV app we use that does this.

News is the only thing I watch with a delay. I find interesting that before the new app it would jump AHEAD to live and now it GOES BACK. I have not noticed sync issues often but is has happened but I thought it was the broadcaster. I stopped using commercial skip when it became paid. Took too long and was not accurate enough for the money.