Apple TV app (Guide/Scheduled)?

I would like to see the Apple TV app have the same features that the Roku and iPad app have. The Apple TV app is strangely missing a “Guide” and “Scheduled” tab similar to other platforms. Thank you for your consideration.

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When an app for a new platform is released, it usually just has the basic functionality. The Roku still doesn’t have everything the web app does, and the new AppleTv app is behind the Roku now. The developers are planning to sync all the apps up over time, but it takes quite a while to do.

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The Xbox 1 channel was released today with more features than the Apple TV app has had thus far…So you were saying?

“Sync all the apps up over time”. Tablo announce the new Roku app in November of 2014. It was suppose to eventually have feature functionality of the WEB app.

Well it’s 2 years later. The guide menu is basically a monolithic list which makes it useless for scheduling recordings.

Unfortunately it’s quite hard to compare Apples to Xboxes… :slight_smile:

The Xbox app is based on our web app which makes it easy to port a lot of the features and screens.

Unfortunately the Apple TV app is being built from the ground up so things are moving a bit more slowly there. We do plan to make it more awesome, it’ll just take us a bit longer to get there since there’s no short cuts.

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