Apple TV 4 to stream Tablo content

I just bought an Apple TV 4 to stream the Tablo I am about to buy. I looked on the Apple store for the Tablo app, and didn’t find one. On further searching on the Tablo site, I now see that I can not stream to Apple TV without another Apple device to route it through.


That would have been good information BEFORE I bought the Apple TV 4!

We don’t own an Apple device. Unless someone here knows how to work around this, I am going to hope the store will take the Apple TV 4 back. It is useless to me.

Sorry, but you should have done your research before purchasing a device.

I have to ask…if you own no other Apple devices why purchase an ATV?

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If you don’t want to wait about 4-5 months for the app, I would return it and get a Nexus Player, Shield TV, or Fire TV. You can always buy the Apple TV when the native app is out if you are still interested.

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Did you not checkout their website? I’m really confused on why you are complaining like it’s tablo’s fault you didn’t do the research. If you’ve been on the forums, you’d see there are two active threads about the app in development (it looks incredible). Come spring, you may regret returning the ATV4 when the Tablo app comes out.

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the AppleTV native app is COMING SOON… its just not out yet… not even in early beta test yet…

OP here. Yes, I did not dig deep enough before buying the Apple TV. I don’t think something like that should be buried deep enough to require digging. Their website says right on the front page that you can use Apple TV to connect to the TV. A line saying “through another Apple device” would have been easy.

I bought the Apple TV just for use with the Tablo (and because my daughter LOVES hers).

Apple TV is going back today. Will get a Chromecast (much cheaper). If, after the Apple TV app comes out, I decide I want the Apple TV back. I will buy another one.

I would avoid the Chromecast and get an Android TV device. If you are going for cheap, the Nexus Player is around $50-60 if you can find one. The Shield is around $175-200 with a free $50 included remote currently and it supports 4k 60fps content with incredible performance.

The streaming performance of the Nexus Player is much faster than the Chromecast, especially for Tablo. It’s also much easier to fast forward through commercials with a normal remote. You can still use the Android TV device as a Google Cast Receiver (push content from your phone), just like a Chromecast. My family and guests appreciate having a normal UI to channel surf and navigate compared to the Chromecast.

I have a Chromecast and like it, but Android TV is the better choice, especially for Tablo use.

Edit: Also consider a Fire TV if you want a good Tablo native app as well as Amazon Prime video.

It’s part of their FAQ directly on their website. Clearly states ATV support is via AirPlay.

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Its obviously just buried too deep. Clearly during the checkout stage you should be prompted with what device you have and then told whether or not tablo supports it (and how). Because life is all about hand holding.

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I want to thank everyone on my other thread for answering my question there.

I also want to thank everyone on this thread for helping me make up my mind.

After seeing the quality of help I can expect here, I have decided on buying the Channel Master DVR+. I just don’t want to run this gauntlet again if I have problems after buying the device.

If you want to leave answers, feel free, but I won’t see them. This is my last logon to this site.

Well I’m going to reply so that everyone else sees, maybe you’ll log in.

Your first post used capitalization and exclamation points (MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING AND ANGRY!). It also didn’t sound like you were soliciting advice and assistance kindly, it sounded like you were pointing fingers. Overall, this is a very friendly community (there are out liars but not many) and users genuinely help one another.

I’m surprised, that you were surprised, (ha) and so adamant that a Tablo apple tv application should already be on the market. tvOS hasn’t been out six months yet. Spotify and Sling aren’t out on the apple tv yet, neither is Google Play movies, google play music, or amazon. It’s clear on Tablo’s site on what is supported. You could have asked us or Tablo support before you purchased the Apple TV.

I wish you good luck in the Channel Master DVR+ purchase. Every device has it quirks but that is a solid device as well, just different use case. If you ever decide to purchase a Tablo and join the community again, I’d have no problem welcoming you back. We can all help one another and find solutions in a polite and respectable manner.


This is my 1st post (for anything).
I bought the Tablo and two Roku 3 devices 7 months ago. I have been having issues with the Roku’s locking up, buffering & losing the internet or not finding the internet both wireless and wired. I bought an Amazon Fire TV (2015) a week ago and it has worked flawlessly. I will be getting rid of both Roku’s. I wish I had started with the Amazon TV from the beginning. It would have saved me a great deal of frustration.