Apple TV 4 app error since TvOs 10

TvOS 10 revealed a new bug.
We cannot read a program from the beginning while still recording. It goes directly to live reading behavior. Also we cannot move the slider (left or right).
To see the beginning we have to wait for the recording to stop.

If I use my old Roku to read the same record while still recoding it works fine.

App at 1.0.1(25)
Tablo at 2.2.10
Tablo 4 tuners.

We have erased and reinstalled the app, reboot Tablo, same result.


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Apple changed something in tvos10 but I don’t think that makes it a Tablo bug. Check this out,mate.

In my case this behavior started just after tvOS 10 upgrade, the same day.
Also , just tested on a second Apple TV 4, same thing.

So what is new is the “play from the beginning” being impossible while still recording.


Ditto, just noticed it last night. Couldn’t start a show at the beginning when it was half way through being recorded. Couldn’t even start at the “live” time and rewind. Had to wait until it was completely finished to start from the beginning. Not life and death but a little annoying.

Annoying yes.

We get used to wait a few minutes after an event started to be able to skip commercials. Now it feels like using a good old VHS recorder. :wink:

Hoping that this will soon be fixed.

Hey mate, read the link I wrote. Tablo says they have a solution in beta. Contact them if you want to get in on the party.

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Was a really good suggestion.

Support enabled my Tablo to be upgraded to 2.2.11 beta.

It does fix the cursor (slider) Mouvement (left or right) during playback,
But the new TvOS 10 “won’t start at beginning while recording” bug is still there. At least now we can now easily rewind to the beginning.

To resume:

  • Accessing a program while still recording, it will jump directly to the end of the current recording.
  • It does not even ask to resume, it always sets the cursor to the current recording position.

This part might be in the app.


Please note the comments above from @Michael_Allbritton and @JohnLuther :slight_smile:
If you’d like to participate in the beta, send our support team a request.

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Is there an approximate date for release of a production / non-beta / stable version of the firmware for those of use who don’t want to live on the bleeding edge?

@ultramookie No ETA yet; as we get further down the beta process, we’ll post updates.