Apple delivery through standard player

Is it possible to use the built-in video player with Apple end-points? It would seem they do an excellent job on Mac, iOS and tvOS keeping an H.264 / H.265 (HEVC) player working across version updates.

This would provide a consistent UI/UX for users, better FF/ Rewind functionality, Adaptive Bit Rate support, automatic use of GPU acceleration (Apple Metal), platform compatibility between iOS/iPadOS and tvOS, etc. It might also reduce the maintenance burden on your team as standards change.

Keep up the excellent work.

We actually do use the standard player software on Apple TV and iOS. We simply overlay some functionality (like Commercial Skip) on top.

Thanks for the response. Certainly your Commercial Skip function is SUPERB. I see that other UI elements could be more consistent with Appleā€™s if possible. This should support PIP and such if the standard player is used.