App syncing progress indicator

I have a larger guide and due to the time it takes to sync my phone app it becomes a point of pain waiting for the app to sync. I think it would help with patience if there was an indicator showing progress. A simple graphic just saying “syncing” doesn’t tell me how long it will take, how much is left to go, how much data is being used, or allow me to estimate how much more time the app will be in the syncing state. Please, improve this to offer some kind of percentage or total data progress indicator.

Which phone do you have? The Android app has a progress indicator, but the iPhone app does not.

uh, you kind of answered your own question there but… iPhone.

Just wanted to make sure you weren’t seeing weird behaviour on an Android device but there are a million different hardware variations with software OS tweaks.

Funny thing is even on iPhone the initial app sync to a Tablo has a progress indicator. Just no progress on re-sync/update.

I really wish they would abandon the web app on iPhone and make the iPad app universal.

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I would like to see some text below the progress bar on all devices indicating what phase it’s in and how many items of that phase remain.

Sort of like the iPad & iPod when you connect them to your PC you know what step it’s in.

Funny thing about this is I loathe the fact that there’s no option to change the “Startup Section” on the iPad app.