App stuck on location request

Unable to connect Tablo this morning via Roku or app on iPhone. Did a soft reset with no luck. Did a factory reset next. Now setting up using the app. Acknowledging Wi-Fi setup and password. Now constantly stuck on location request. Kind of stuck. Settings on phone set to allow location to apps. Thanks for any suggestions

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Based on other current posts, there seems to be a Tablo outage

Are you aware that you now will be unable to view anything that was on that drive – and that you’ll have to reformat it to use it?

I do. Was working fine. I’m hoping it’s a problem due to the outage that others are experiencing

Okay… :).

It just breaks my heart when people go to that extreme and then they discover 5 min later that:
a) it wasn’t their tablo
b) they’ve lost all their recordings

I’m glad to hear you’ve looked into this first!

Yeah I lost my recordings but it’s ok. Nothing on there I can’t live without.