App says drive not detected while I'm watching playback on tv?

I was watching a recorded show, while using my phone app to check scheduled recordings, and the app says hard drive not connected, or no hard drive - forgot exactly which. I quit watching that show, to see if shows programs currently airing are recording. It says they are. I’m sitting near the HDD, and can hear it running. Touched it. Yes, it’s spinning. Tried to continue watching the recorded show, and now tv says Error:No Hard Drive Connected when I try to resume the program. But, drive still is spinning, I can still browse the full line-up of shows that exist on the HDD, and tv still has three shows recording now. Huh?? Going with the possibility that those shows are actually recording, I’m not disconnecting anything yet. Suggestions?

interesting - even with no HDD detected, I was able to delete a show. Still can’t watch anything, though, and recordings supposedly are still underway. Just can’t watch any recordings.

Reboot (aka power cycle) the drive and the Tablo.

Hi, thanks for the response. After Sunday night recordings ended, I powered down the Rokus, Tablo, HDD & router & brought them all back up in the sequences recommended during a problem a few months ago. Magically, of course, the HDD reappeared, and all recorded shows were there. I need to find the threads regarding what all can be done simultaneously, but I don’t think I was beyond the limit.

I was recording 3 shows & watching another, prerecorded. I believe the problem began when a 4th show (Shark Tank) began recording. Then, 4 shows were recording, plus I was watching the other prerecorded show, with no problem. Except - I noticed my phone app said “no HDD” while I was checking scheduled programs for the upcoming week. Is that because there wasn’t an open tuner to “see” the HDD? But - I was able to access the HDD to delete a show, and thought the “tuner” was exactly that - a tuner to access OTA signals.

So, I stopped watching the recording, and tried to watch live tv. I could only watch shows live that were in the process of recording. Four tuners in use, and none available to access another channel? That makes sense. But, I still couldn’t go back to the recorded show I previously was watching while all 4 were recording. Then when I manually ended recording of the 4th show, that 4th tuner remained locked out to me. The HDD couldn’t be seen & no live tv available except where the 3 remaining shows were being recorded.

Shutting everything down seems to have worked, but I’m not certain all 4 tuners are working again. Need to test that. Last thing last night, I put the Tablo in remote access mode & opened a trouble ticket. No response to that yet. If this all was just a little glitch of some sort, that’s fine, and not unexpected. Stuff happens. But…if my Tablo is dying, one tuner at a time, I need to know.

It sounds like the disk wasn’t mounted correctly. A reboot likely would’ve solved that. But since you’ve sent us a note already and have put your unit into remote access mode, our team will be able to check on the tuners and the details.

Thank you. I have no idea what is or what causes an “improperly mounted disk,” but it seems illogical that such a critter would allow unimpeded recording & playback? The Tablo itself was fully communicating with the HDD, but the Tablo iOS & Roku apps lost the ability to see it, other than to erase an existing recording. Also, how would the HDD affect viewing live tv in any way? Not being argumentative - just trying to understand & know whether it’s something I might cause or prevent in the future.

Just checked, and the Tablo is still in remote access mode. Will continue to watch that, until I hear back.

Tech support checked my Tablo - all 4 tuners are good, and HDD, which tests fine also. Evidently was just a fluke, probably caused by the atypical combination of things I was doing simultaneously. Thanks all, for your assist.