App is wonky and wont recognize for sign in (no typos)

Created my new Tablo user account earlier today via computer. I am logged in and know the user name, email address, and password - - perfectly - no typos. App says the following - see image. What’s the issue? I repeat, there are zero typos in my sign in. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and did a system cleaning to be thorough.

There is no way to create a 4th generation Tablo account outside of the iOS or Android mobile apps.

If you have a 4th generation Tablo, it sounds like you may have created a legacy subscription account by accident.

As these systems are unrelated, your account details will not be recognized.

So is this another example of tech people not having a clue about how many people, especially those of us who have older eyes and/or bigger fingers and can’t use tiny phone screens for everything, not being of value to the company? I call FOUL!

Not foul at all… If you did some googling and some research. There are articles on how to configure the Gen4 Tablo from the jump.

If you look at the top, there is a huge red bar that links you to it.

With that said, you would have known this before purchasing the Gen4 Tablo.


Now it won’t go past this. Why?


No need for two apps or wonky programming.
TabloTV is not meeting the day or the customers where they should be.

I’m well past 75 and could get it done using both a phone or tablet.

Maybe a child or friend can get it to work. Or if senior services stops by they could help.


Try rebooting your phone.

Sometimes, the mobile app can glitch when setting up the Tablo for the first time. It’s usually an easy swipe of the app, a reopen, and then it continues the process.

Rebooting your phone might help fix a few connectivity issues it seems that you’re having.

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Trying to be nice here… Come on my dude… @zippy even mentioned that you may need on prem help.

Can’t dog Tablo at this point.

@GoBananas Support would be happy to walk you through setup. Just give them a ring at the number in your screenshot above.