App Compatibility on LG Smart TV

I purchased an LG Smart TV Model: 32LJ550M running WebOS 3.0 for the express purpose of being able to use the Tablo App. But the Tablo app is not in the content store and when I check it on LG’s site it says the Tablo app is not compatible with my device. WHY? I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer.

That’s very odd @Xtimedt691.

On our end, everything seems OK.

The app is tagged to only be available for the US & Canada so if you’re accessing the store elsewhere, or perhaps there’s a country setting somewhere that needs to be updated, you may not see it.

I am in the USA and I have my local address in the TV as part of my account.

@Xtimedt691 Hrm… Not sure then. Perhaps there is a setting on your TV or a minimum space requirement that isn’t being met? The folks at LG might be able to help with that.

We don’t get any diagnostics on our end as to why it might not be offered for specific TVs.

I contacted LG first and it is the Age old problem when two platforms are involved and need to work together, one side blames the other for the problem and neither has a clue and the user is stuck. I just got a Roku streaming stick and use it as a work around.

@Xtimedt691 Sorry :frowning: We do our best to try to solve issues even when we need to loop in a partner but this one’s a head-scratcher…

Glad you’re up & running w/ the ROKU!

Have you all found any other fix for this? I have a client who has two LG32LJ550M’s and would like to use the tablo app on them. We verified that the web OS is at 3.6 but the tablo app does not appear when we search for it in the LG content store. I’m not sure they want to spend more money on roku sticks to make this work.

I have not found the answer to this.