Apology to Tablo, enjoying the subscription

We acquired our Tablo quad in 2017. We struggled for a year getting solid reception. We are not in a rural area but our station broadcasts are on towers in 3 separate directions from us, ranging from 11 miles away to over 30 miles away, and I am bound to only installing an antenna in our attic. We got tired of pixelation and gave up. The Tablo server sat used on partial basis, and we were guilty of complaining about the Tablo server and cancelled the subscription. As time passed I missed the nice features of the subscription and being home so much as we are now I took the time to dive into the antenna again. After a lot of messing around I acquired a $25.00 antenna Fromm monoprice.com with multi bow tie antennas and shields behind the bow ties making it directional. What I found is I removed 1 sheild from the 2 lower bow ties and pointed the top bow tie at the tower with the weakest signal. We now receive 30 channels with solid signal. We only want 20 of them so we tailored this in the Tablo setup, but now we have a very good working Tablo server on all the channels we want. I just wanted to offer an applogy to the Table team. I never barked about Tablo on any public forum but we did point fingers at the Tablo server and bad mouthed it at the kitchen table. Sorry Tablo team. I also wanted to share this with others in case anyone else is having reception issues. Hang in there and keep trying different antenna and antenna locations. This $25 antenna from monoprice is in our attic so it’s not in an ideal location and it’s working very good. Removing 1 shield so only the top bow ties are directional made a big difference for us. Just wanted to share… hope everyone is safe and enjoying their OTA TV watching.