Anything like Ripper for the HDMI models yet?

I used Tablo Ripper when I had the Network Quad and it was nice backing up shows. Now I switched to the HDMI and lost Tablo Ripper.

Does anyone know anything about an update to Ripper or anything that can do the same? I still also have my Network Quad, just really dont want to setup 2 Tablos just so shows can backup with Ripper.

The HDMI models store the videos in a completely different format than the network models. I expect the work required to get the ripper apps to work is substantial.

How’s that?

Several have complained it doesn’t work while a couple of user have success. I believe first part is you need the subscription in order to stream over your network. Then you have to use a fixed IP and enter it as the TV connected devices don’t have the same network discovery. Presumably this is where users get lost.

It’s not really a hassle to have more than one tablo. Well, I don’t know about the two different platforms.
If your concern is a back, have each mirror schedules. Yes this would be a PITA.


This is bizarre! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I unhooked my streaming Tablo so my HDMI is the only one on my network and Tablo Ripper found it. I don’t know if these was a conflict as I had 2, but it works now.

It found the name “Tablo” in the top field if you used Ripper, but the ip was blank, I added what it said in the HDMI model screen and now it works.

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