Anyone with an issue of buffering with Roku 2 XS devices

I just purchased a tablo device. It was extremely easy to setup, and seems to work great. The one exception is with my Roku 2 XS 3100 devices. I am able to successfully watch live TV and recorded shows in a browser, iPad, Android phone, and a Roku stick; but with the Roku 2 XS devices, the shows run for about 10 seconds, then continuously buffer, then loop…to the same 10 second sequence. I have opened a ticket with Tablo support, which their first response was to put the device closer to the router.

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the proximity to the router, as the other devices work quite well anywhere in the house.

My setup is as follows, Netgear X4S R7800 router, Tablo 2.2.10 with an WD Elements 10B8 USB drive.

Any guidance is appreciated as I would like to avoid scrapping my Roku 2 XS devices

Unfortunately this may be the classic “check your network” or “check your harddrive” or connections. I have an identical setup, except Asus router instead of Netgear and the WD Elements 2tb drive instead of 1tb (as I think yours is); that harddrive has been trouble free when nearly empty and up to three-quarters full. Tablo is hardwired to router. Run this to multiple 2XS Rokus on wifi without trouble (very rare buffering except on initial play startup and no loops). We do have a very robust wifi system. So all I can really do is assure that unless you have a particular bum 2XS (which you’ll know isn’t the case if it works with other Roku channels), then the difficulty is most likely not with running a 2XS itself. Good luck.

I’m jealous of your router.
Your Roku 2 XS units are a bit underpowered, but should still work, as @Mike_Peters said.

Wireless communication is just like real estate.
There are 3 things that are most important: location; location; location.

Roku 2 XS distance from the router can be as much as 75 feet with 3 internal walls between, and work well.

It works well, until the following is true:

  1. You place a metal object between the Roku, and the router.
  2. You place your Roku on top of a metal object, like a metal top desk, or a metal shelf.
  3. You place your Roku on the other side of a wall, where the wood stud inside the wall can block (or severely weaken) the signal.

Remember, wireless signals get weaker the further they travel, and the more objects are in the way.
And, wireless signals bounce off metal.

My laptop could connect to my router from the other side of the house.
It could not connect when sitting on the dining room table 2 feet from the router.
Turns out the dining room table has a metal rail underneath, which was causing the wireless signals from my laptop to bounce around in the wrong directions.
Moving my laptop 1 inch fixed the problem.

Appreciate the quick responses…but I have 2 Roku 2 XS devices, one of them about 10 feet from the router (seperated by drywall). Both of the perform adequately for every other app on them, Playstation Vue, Netflix,…etc… Both of them also fail in the same exact way with the Tablo app. I know it is just a suggestion, but I just don’t think proximity is the culprit here. Has to have something to do with the app specific to the Roku 2 XS 3100x. Like I said before, every other device works great, no matter how far they are from the router (inside the house of course), just not these 2.

Sounds like I’ll have to start a plan to decommission these devices.

I had a similar issue, but with a Roku 2 (2015 model). I ended up getting a pair of DECA adapters to send Ethernet over coax. Worked like a charm!

See this thread: New Tablo User - Initial Impressions


My Tablo is hardwired to a network switch, which, in turn, is hardwired to my router.
My Roku 2 (2015) connects via wireless-g to my router, which is 75 feet away, with 3 internal walls between.
My Tablo Max Recording Quality is set to HD 1080 - 8Mbps.

The Roku 2 (2015) plays Live TV, and recordings without issues.
It didn’t have issues with the Tablo Max Recording Quality set to HD 1080 - 10Mbps, 720@60fps, either.

Use the Roku 2 (2015 year model) as a minimum for your Roku upgrade.

Go to the Settings on your computer or iPad and uncheck Fast Live TV Startup.

That didn’t seem to make a difference

Hardwiring fixes the issue, unfortunately that’s not a realistic solution for our household. I can only come to the conclusion that since all other apps on the device work fine on wireless, so there is an issue with the Tablo app for that particular Roku 2 XS (2013) device, and it’s downgraded wireless specs.

I could possibly use the DECA adapters for one of the devices, but most likely will have to purchase new devices.

Anyone want to buy some 3 year old Roku boxes :wink:

Thanks for all the responses.


I just bought my Tablo - and it works fine with watching TV on my PC and iPad.

Now I want to connect an older Roku 2 XS (2013?) to watch it on my regular TV.

Problem is - I can’t find the Tablo app in my Roku list of channels. I read on Tablo?'s web manual - to look under “TV and Movies” BUT there is no Tablo app there. What am I missing?


The Roku2 is an old piece of kit, mate. Maybe it’s not supported any more?

I use a Roku3 and the 2016 model Roku stick and they both work well. I only paid about $40 for the stick.

I have an old ipad2 that I use with the Tablo. I hope they don’t drop support for it with the next update.

It says current generation Roku 1-4, the XS is not a current generatjon model.

Roku 2 XS (3100) came out in July 2011, not 2013.

Thanks for your feedback - JohnLuther and theuser86.

BTW - I did find the Tablo app on the Roku XS. It was under “Apps”…

It sounds like it’s time for me to upgrade the Roku anyways - because I keep getting the “Loading Please Wait” message… no use troubleshooting an 5 yo device.

Much appreciate it.


Costco has the new Roku Premier on sale for $84 this weekend.

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The loading please wait may be due to poor WiFi speeds. Does the 2 XS support Wireless N or only Wireless G?

The Roku 2XS supports N but in a capped form compared to later Roku models. (See the Roku forums.)

It’s possible that that is the source of your problem, though as noted upstream I am using multiple 2XS boxes wirelessly without any trouble.