Anyone used 4th gen tablo and hdhomerun flex?

I have the tablo 4th gen. I’m just wondering if anyone here has used the hdhomerun flex that has atsc3 tuners. If so would love to hear your thoughts on how they compare. I’m aware of the drm mess, but the atsc3 channels that are not encrypted in my market are ones that are weaker for me on atsc1, hence my interest.

I have a 4K with unencrypted ATSC 3.0. I only use the ATSC 3.0 for linear viewing and don’t have reception issues in my location. If your TV is newer the picture is crisper. If you have a very new TV it may well use AI to upscale to 4K for an even better picture. But without a Roku 4802 and 2023 fire tv stick 4k there is no native ac-4. For fire tv sticks 4k gen 1/2 the ac-4 is transcoded in the cloud to play back on the TV

I do have an LG OLED TV from 2019. It has 4k for sure, but you’re saying that atsc3 channels won’t have sound on the home run app on the LG TV? I need the latest fire TV to get sound? What about the Onn Google TV device?