Anyone Use LinkSys Routers?

Hello all - I have a Linksys A1200+ SmartWifi router - model number EA6350.

Please respond if you have one of these routers (or another LinkSys router model) and let me know if the wired Ethernet connection to your Tablo works correctly (instead of using WiFi connection).

Mine, for some really odd reason does not. It hooks up to the router, pulls an I/P address ( … but no functionality on the Tablo. In other words, No Live TV, no Guide, etc. The stuff shows up on screen, but never works as intended.

However on WiFi, all works perfectly. Everything!

Someone just has to have a setting or something I can try on this router, as I would prefer to use a wired connection for the Tablo than a WiFi connection. It has got to be something really simply that is not set correctly.

Any ideas???


Hi I have a linksys 6350 that does work with my Tablo and roku with Tablo App. I suggest that you factory reset the linksys , and prove that your ethernet cable is functional . Then goto ‘DEVICE’ in the router and verify that it is assigned to an address (192.168.x.yyy . x should be 1 or 0 but probably 0 after a factory reset.

I have the same router and i connect with ethernet cable direct but wifi to roku.
However, I did have a problem at first because I had it set up for Wifi at first, It does not seem to switch automatically. As bobwell suggests a factory reset should do the fix

I will have to try that - this is my thrid Tablo replaced by Tablo … wonder why no one at Tablo support thought of that? Pretty sure I did not do a full reset.

This may be the case with mine - as I set it up via WiFi from the get go … however it is in a spot that does not have an Ethernet cable, so I am happy to be able to use the WiFi connection. I just figured that this problem would ‘auto-correct’ when I replace this router. So, it no big deal, that is of course, unless the WiFi goes out on the Tablo … LOL.