Anyone successfully running Tablo App on the MyGica ATV-1900AC Set Top Box

I’m thinking of upgrading to one of these Quad Core Android 5 Lollipop boxes to replace my current unit (which doesn’t seem to work with Tablo).

I’ve been reading the forum here, and the Nexus Player sounds great, but I’ve searched and can’t seem to find any for sale in Canada, so the new MyGica is what I’m considering, given its specs and the new OS. If anybody has tried the Tablo App on these and either had success or failure, I would appreciate knowing what to expect.


@chuckc - Unfortunately we don’t officially support those types of Android devices because we don’t have any to test. Someone may have one though that can give you an overview of how it might work.

I also would love to pick up a Nexus, but you’re right… Very difficult to find in Canada.

recommend keeping an eye out for a sale on the NVidia Shield Android TV. Relatively expensive, but very capable hardware that is actively developed.

If you are willing to subject yourself to Amazon, there is always the Fire TV Boxes

Actual “Android TV” boxes (Android 5.0 or higher) will provide a much better experience than the knockoff “Android TV Box” (Typically android 4.0 - 4.4)

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Yep, but there are only 3 Android TV boxes, not including the massive amount of TV’s with Android TV built in.

  1. Nexus Player (Hard to find but a great deal)
  2. Fazer Forge (Garbage, doesn’t even have Netflix)
  3. Nvidia Shield (Amazing, and relatively more expensive)

I have 2 Nvidia Shields and they are the perfect match for Tablo.

As mentioned earlier, those knockoff Android boxes have terrible support.

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Had a knockoff and it was problematic. Bought a Nexus from Best Buy in the US and works well but it seems to be a closed system. Not all android apps can be loaded. Don’t seem to be able to browse with it. But I have enough PCs to do that with.

Would love to have an Nvidia Shield.

re: issues with loading some apps on NP (and the Android TV ecosystem)
The problem is usually how the app is published, most have a line that states “touchscreen required”, which is one of several things they have to change for proper compatibility on the “Android TV” devices.

There are workarounds that exist if you are motivated to run a particular unsupported app (typically “sideloading”, adding a 3rd party “launcher” for ease of access, and using the game controller or a mouse for apps that are not properly supported)

I have been using the MyGiga 1800e since getting my Tablo two years ago. It has worked perfectly with both the Android App and the HTML5 App (using Chrome). I was planning to add the 1900ac to another room, but after speaking with MyGica, there will be a better box coming out in about 6 months, so I have decided to wait for the next model to become available. The MyGica 1800e is KitKat 4.4. I know this does not answer your actual question about Lollipop. But I do recommend the MyGica product and they have great customer support here in Toronto.

Thanks for the tip to beware of “closed systems”. Whatever unit I get must allow me to install and run clients for both Plex and Tablo. Those two apps make an awesome experience.

Thanks - That is good news on the ATV-1800E. Good to know it works both ways (Chrome Web Browser and the client native Android Tablo app) that hopefully bodes well for the ATV-1900.

I’m running an older dual core MyGica ATV-520 (Android 4.2) and it works great for just about everything, but not with the Tablo App. I have to use the Tablo channel in my Plex client to see the Tablo, which is not an ideal experience (more clicking and fewer features).

I’m here in Ottawa, and Canada Computers seems to keep the MyGica line well stocked. The ATV-1900 is on sale for $199 CAD now, and is fairly recent. Any idea what the big improvements are in the box 6 months out?

Plex and Table apps are definitely available on “Android TV” (Shield/ NP/ Forge TV), Roku
I use both constantly on mine…

See here for where Plex is available:

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