Anyone run a dual and a 4-tuner?

Greetings all

I’ve been a happy tablo dual user for almost a year and been silent mostly because it just works. As luck would have it , the dual is on the fritz and tablo is in the process of replacing it (yay go tablo!) . Im thinking of bringing in a 4 tuner to fill the short term gap, and gain more tuners …questions;

  1. Is the currently available 4 tuner tablo the same hardware as 1 year ago or have there been any updates? Does it run hot as has been discussed many times before.?

  2. I have about 1TB of recordings on a wd desktop drive , made with the old tablo dual . Can I plug this disk drive into the 4 tuner tablo and view the recordings?

  3. can both tablos run at the same time (named differently) on my account? I’m using roku and assume I can connect to only one tablo at a time

Thanks all

I run two original 2 tuner Tablos.

  1. AFAIK, the 4 tuner is pretty much the same.

  2. Good question. Not sure, but you’d think it might be ok (??)

  3. Yes, they are named differently. So now, instead of connecting to the one Tablo, you have a choice of which one to connect to. Then to use the other, you disconnect from it and connect to the other. You hit the back button to bring up the disconnect menu and then you’ll be presented with a slidable list of units to connect to (talking Roku).

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A year ago you bought your Tablo? Is it the OG Tablo 2 tuner? Or the Tablo DUAL? Or the Tablo DUAL Lite?

They all have slightly different hardware.

"…happy tablo dual user… "

You will not be able to migrate the recordings from the Tablo DUAL to the Tablo 4 tuner.

Read here:

Also the tuner in the Tablo 4 tuner is different than the Tablo DUAL Lite.

Not sure if your Tablo is connected to your router via WiFi but the Tablo DUAL Lite has Wireless AC, while the Tablo 4 tuner is only Wireless N.

Thanks good into. What is different About the tuners in the dual versus the 4?

Also the migration process must require identical hardware.

Oh. My tablo is hardwired via a gigabit hp switch

And a clarifying question. The migration instructions say that the new tablo must be “taken directly out if the box” and “running the same firmware version as the old tablo”. What if those two cannot be true at the same time?