Anyone know where the 4th gen's timeshift is stored?

I have a pretty good reason to believe that live TV and timeshift is stored on whatever medium our recordings are sent to.

With the external drive attached, it was nearly impossible to watch anything live while recording more than 2 programs. After removing the drive, I can record 3 and watch a 4th without a single issue – even record 4 HD and watch an HD recording with zero problem.

This has me wondering if live TV or TS goes straight to the default device, since this issue has now cleared up.

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I haven’t had any issues with 3 ota and 4 fast and watching an ota all at the same time with the external drive attached, but I think that’s a very good question.

I would hope that live streams and the time shifting that is allowed would occur on the internal flash memory regardless if you have an external drive attached, especially since when you tell a channel that you currently viewing to start recording it doesn’t include anything that might be in memory already but starts from the moment you hit record.

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That’s exactly my point!

I’m trying to clear this up, because if it’s going to your default storage location, you’re only adding extra wear and tear on a drive that’s already in use. Besides, the second you plug in a drive, what purpose does the internal serve after that? Make it useful! (like, software so we can watch local when their servers are down! and OC, put TS there for speed and reliability!)

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What will happen if the flash gets flaky, wears out or goes bad. A HD I just replace.

If it’s only using it for timeshift, it’s still less flash wear and tear than if you were fully recording to it.

This is supposed to be a product that doesn’t need an external device. Why should I not be able to rely on it?

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How long are expecting the product to work for? Did you buy a product that had a warranty that covered your expectations. Any component can go bad at any time… Silicon doesn’t live forever.

It’s a year warranty. I don’t expect it to last forever – nothing does! The same is true with SSD or HDD drives. By splitting their use, they’d both last longer.

Tablo has to use the flash memory for its internal processes, so if it gets flaky as you describe, the entire device will stop working so it doesn’t matter at that point if there is an external drive attached or not.

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So if I buy/own a legacy network device which has no flash where does the information get stored? Where is the OS stored.

I’m not familiar with the legacy Tablo and how it works, but I would imagine that even the legacy comes with internal storage that it uses, even if they don’t give you access to it.

Does the legacy require you to buy an external drive to use it? If it does, that’s pretty ridiculous requirement.

Splitting internal process to internal memory and using the external for content is much more efficient than offloading everything through a single USB connector regardless if you have an ssd or hdd attached.

Considering that the USB type they chose was 2.0! It’s already too slow for their choice in compression.

And you can take the USB 2.0 standard for throughput and then take the maximum video quality and multply by 10(4 writers and 6 readers) and see if you exceed the USB 2.0.

And of course if you wrote everything you think should be written to flash actually to flash, it might be hard to migrate that USB HD to another unit.

And this is hypothetical, because as we know, migration isn’t possible.

What do you think I’m asking for? I’m asking for something that’s already NOT included when you record a show. How would this affect migration even if it were possible?

If you watch a show live, there’s no way to record it without backing out and choosing to record from the second you press record. Whatever’s been placed in the current time shift is completely ignored. If they were to start including that buffered data, then YES … it would matter where this was stored. As of right now, it’s useless ones and zeroes.

Is the 4 tuner 4 gen only USB 2.0? i haven’t done the math but that doesn’t sound optimal.