Anyone else having intermittent problems with Tablo?

Sometimes everything works fine and other times I get constant buffering.

Last night, I went to watch a recorded show and every few mins it was buffering. My wifi connection was EXCELLENT. I rebooted the roku, but that made no difference.

What is causing this constant buffering (occasionally)? Sometimes it works great? I can’t have this once my shows start up in the fall.

If your Tablo or playback device are on WiFi - that’s the first place to look if you have buffering problems.
What is your setup like and what playback device are you using. The Fire TV app had a lot of playback issues in its initial release, that the beta version doesn’t have.
Some additional info from you will help identify what to troubleshoot. You shouldn’t see any buffering if everything is running as it should (I don’t in any case).

EDIT: Opps, I see you say WiFi and Roku. Even your “excellent” WiFi may not be excellent enough for Roku playback. What recording setting are you using in the Tablo Settings screen. If you aren’t using the 720 Roku setting, try that as your first step.