Anyone else get BUZZR channel

I was just wondering if anyone else gained BUZZR on June 1 when it launched on FOX owned and operated stations, such as KTBC in Austin, TX. As I said in another post, mine has guide data and it hasn’t been 10 days,

Houston has it too.

Is it on your guide data?

I told @TabloTV that it was launching nationwide on FOX owned and operated stations. Open a ticket and they’ll get it. send email to with your zip code and channel number.

@TabloSupport You can go to and see all the cities it is available in - unless you just count on your customers for the information. Thanks for getting it for Austin, TX, but then I knew it was coming and gave you a heads up.

I hope Buffalo NY gets it soon!

Charlotte, NC has it on channel 55-2. The guide information came in about 5 days after the channel went live. Not a lot of variety on the channel but hopefully something they can build on.