Anybody know anything about INL3D?

Over the weekend a friend showed me email concerning yet another streaming device called INL3D.  It appears to be in Canada now, but coming this way.  However there are a few things that I question:

1) It appears they are actively seeking people to sell the product, as opposed to either web, social media or big box stores,
2) It is $150, which is more than Roku, AppleTV, etc.
3) It implies that you can get live TV from the networks and other sources without a local antenna, and that the one time fee of $150 is the only cost, no subscriptions, forever. This smacks of “too good to be true”. It also appears to be less than legal.

Anyone else heard about this device?

I just googled it.  It’s just an XMBC media player.  (though apparently XMBC is changing its name to “Kodi”)

The ads are questionable and confusing.  

It looks like just an android box. You can buy the google play which is cheaper and better

So it is an android streamer using XBMC with add-ons that connect to services of questionable legality for “live” streams.