Anybody else having issues connecting to Tablo with Andriod

Just curious. I like to use my tablet to schedule programs since its quicker than the Roku. 

On my Android Tablet (an inexpensive Zeiko my wife got from work for. Has a dual core processor.) I seem to have trouble getting it to connect/load. When I click on the Tablo app it appears to connect but the info won’t load. It just sits giving me a semi -blank screen, like its stuck thinking or locked up. 

If I back out and reconnect it will work, though sometimes loading the schedule/programs is slow. Once it works though I’ve had no problems with playback. 

My iPad works fine.

I kind of assumed it was my cheap ass free tablet that was the bottleneck. Wondering if anybody else has had an issue. 


@RFSox can you provide more details about this tablet? (OS version, screen size, wireless capabilities, etc.) or a link to a product info page?

@RFSox @AdamW (Our Android developer) has the right idea here - if you can send over a little more info on the tablet, we can take a look it to gain more insight on this.

It might not be the app after all. A few days after I posted this the brand-new tablet went poof. We’re waiting on a replacement. Once I have it I’ll let you know if its working any better.