Any way to record WatchEspn streams via Roku?

Hey all, just ordered my Tablo today. I saw a couple threads saying there’s currently no way to record streaming content from apps like WatchEspn on Roku, but just wanted to verify that this is true. The vast majority of Roku streaming wouldn’t need to be recorded, but it would be awesome to be able to record some of the ESPN streaming sports content.


The Tablo only records content from an antenna, so no WatchESPN.  However, a lot of that programming is archived so it can be watched later (though I don’t know for how long after the originial broadcast airs).

Thanks. Figured. 

There are ways to do this btw, just not with the Tablo device.

Yeah, trying to keep our setup simple, so I’d rather not going to the custom rig route. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

The device I use is powered via USB and standalone, but you do have to have a powered hdmi splitter to turn off hdcp.