Any way to know if the Tablo Ethernet port is running at 10 or 100?

I have read that the Tablo ethernet port is 10/100.  Is there any way to know if the port is running at 10 or 100?  My Tablo is connected to an Ethernet switch, but the switch only shows a differentiation between 10/100 and 1000.

As long as you aren’t running a hub/switch/router that just has 10 Mpbs ports, the Tablo will run at 100 Mpbs.  

If you have a professional router (like Cisco) in your home, you should be able to look at each individual port to verify.  I have a pretty good consumer router, and all it tells me is that it isn’t running a Gigagbit speeds.

Tablo should be running at 100. It isn’t capable of 1000 as you already know. I understand your switch only shows indications either of 10/100 vs 1000. So if it’s running at 10 you can’t tell because 1 light means either 10 or 100, the other light indicates 1000. That’s pretty common among switches. 

Tablo will run 100 if the switch supports that speed. (which yours does). It should auto-detect and sync to the best speed the switch and it can agree on (unless my understanding of the Tablo port is incorrect!)
I suspect that is an unmanaged switch or one which doesn’t allow “remote access” into the logs and inner workings so you can’t access anything at all other than looking at the lights. 
Bottom line, If the switch handles 100 - the Tablo would run at that speed as well.
My Tablo currently has 1 solid amber and one green that flashes indicating activity and it’s running 100. 

This is from my router, which the Tablo is directly connected to - the other link is to a switch.

Similar situation, have consumer grade 4 port switch that does not have any software to interrogate the ports.  I’ve been mulling over why my Tablo Roku channel sometimes has trouble playing back 1080 content.  Tablo 1080 content requires 10Mbps of bandwidth - which means it can work on a 10Mbps connection, but just barely - any glitch/slowdown and you’re out of business.  Trying to see if there is a way to rule out the Tablo port speed as a cause.  Maybe I can borrow a regular switch from work to actually test the port speed.

The other device on my 4 port switch is my Roku 2XS, added the SpeedTest channel and I can get about 25Mbps, so it’s definitely on a 100 connection.  Have a 2-tuner Tablo.

Edit: It just occurred to me that I could try using a crossover cable to attach a laptop directly to the Tablo.  I know I can’t do anything with the Tablo, but with the laptop I could at least see the port speed (speed negotiated between the two).

If you want to see if the problem is between the Tablo and the Roku, test the connection between a wired PC and the Tablo.  You can install apps to see what sort of bandwidth your PC is using.   Also watch the Tablo from multiple other devices; phone, pc, etc.   If you can do that, then the Tablo is connected 100.

I had some minor issues until I changed my recording to the 720p Roku/Chromecast setting then all issues went away. Studies show that unless the TV is larger than 52" or so and you sit as close as 10’ or less, you won’t have a discernible difference between 720 and 1080. You have to have a large TV and sit relatively close for it to matter. That’s why Tablo put in the 720p Roku setting for recording - Roku and chromecast just don’t fair well with the other settings, and the majority of TV watchrs won’t notice.

I was on the other 720 and had trouble until I changed to the 720p Roku setting in my own Tablo. give it a shot - bet it helps in future recordings. It sure made a world of difference for us and with out 43" TV and sitting 12’ away we can’t tell any difference. In fact, OTA direct to the TV vs. Tablo recordings, can’t tell at all. Tablo recordings at that rate are actually better than my OTA DVD recorder does when set to get 6 hrs per disk. Tablo blows that DVD recorder away.

@ShadowsPapa - agree with your suggestion on using 720, it’s what I ended up doing.  Every so often I try 1080 to see if the issues are straightened out.

Hooked up a PC with a crossover cable to the Tablo.  Could not get a link light when I set the adapter to 10Mbps full or half duplex.  Link light did come on when set to 100Mbps full or half duplex.  So from what I can see the port is running at 100Mbps.

That matches what I observe here as well. 

It would be nice if at some point they add the 1Gbps chip but then on the other hand, 100 Mbps is more than plenty. In fact, as work the link between our agency and the state’s main network is 100. That means ALL of our access to their mainframe, email, Internet/web, DNS that our own servers don’t handle, and the backup of a several gig every evening is all done via a 100 link. 
We’ve got 1 Gig cards and interfaces in the VM host servers and those handle 24 virtual servers meaning traffic to SQL servers, SharePoint, the file servers,etc. all travels via that 1gig for the entire agency. 
All that is a way of saying 100 is plenty for Tablo on wired Ethernet.

Enjoy - the more I use this, the more they change and fix it and the more others here work on their scripts and such to help handle extracting and converting recordings, the more I love this beast.