Any export apps that run on Nvidia Shield?

Currently, I have Emby (Plex alternative) running on a Windows 10 box that also runs Tablo Ripper to move my Tablo-recorded content into the Emby library for playback. I don’t use the Tablo for direct playback normally.

Thinking about getting an Nvidia Shield Pro and running my Emby server on that, but not sure if there is a way to conveniently (i.e.; set it and forget it) rip my Tablo content to the Shield since Tablo Ripper is a Windows app.

Is there an Android app that is similar to Ripper?

Why would you want to run the Emby server on a streaming box? Where’s the video stored? The server should be on that system if possible.

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It runs Android… TV? From the play store have you considered: New 3rd Party Android App: ota2GO - from click on the :mag: and type “tablo” …and nothing showed up?
New 3rd Party Android App: ota2GO

“Where’s the video stored?” this should be accessible across your network, you can’t export via windows system and save/move things to a network share?

The Nvidia Pro is more than just a streaming box. The video would be stored on a USB drive (not unlike I do today on the Windows system running Emby). The reason I would like to is to eliminate an always-on desktop.

Appreciate the push to look more (again) at OTA2Go. I tinkered with that years ago, and discounted it because my recollection was it is more of a tool where you have to select which recordings to copy, and I want something that will grab all. I’ve sent the dev an inquiry about that.

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Considering your platform, choices likely will be limited.

It’s is similar, not all the same features.

Hi - thanks for your inquiry the other day about it. Indeed, as you say, for the benefit of anyone else coming upon this thread – ota2go is designed more as a grandma-friendly pick-and-click to download (i.e. a simple graphical user experience) rather than any kind of scriptable, controllable, or all-grabbing media archiving solution. I originally wrote it so I could grab a few shows to watch on my commute.

As we discussed there are other amazing rippers out there probably more in tune with your goals (but maybe not nvidia or even android compatible). If you do find a slick solution, please share!


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If you have a computer just leave it on 24/7. That is what I do and run a Plex server, Tablo Ripper and just added an external HD. I tried Emby, but went back to Plex, I did pay for both though. :grinning: I should have just picked one first before paying for both the extras I guess.

The Shield is a nice box as I am big cordcutter, but the computer should be much more powerful depending on what you have. Have the screen turn off after 5 minutes.


Unless you need a bunch of concurrent streams being transcoded at the same time, a Shield TV Pro is likely fine for most users to serve as the Plex server and then doesn’t require a separate computer.

NextPVR provides a tuner input for the TabloTV devices, and Emby Premium Live TV can use NextPVR as an input source, so you don’t really need to do the export. Let Emby do the recording and as a bonus Emby Premium provides full guide data. NextPVR doesn’t run on the Shield but it will run on Linux, Wiindows, macOS and Docker.

@emveepee … this looks interesting. But after several hours, I don’t seem to be able to get my fresh NextPVR to work with my Tablo. Got the Extras file but can’t seem to get anything going… I guess something more to play with for a while…

If it ever takes more than about 15 minutes to install NextPVR and the TabloTV Extra on Windows, macOS or Linux, excluding the EPG, you should post on the NextPVR forum with support logs and we can help you out.