Any chance for an app for Kindle Fire Hd

I know there is no app for android phones, due to the size, but what about the Kindle Fires HD 8.9  and HDX? Those should be big enough.

Yes! It’s in the approval queue as we speak. Stay tuned!

Excellent.  If it’s not already on your list, it would be fantastic if you could make it dpad-controllable so I could use it on Amazon Fire TV.  It’s a good box (fast!) but it would be better with Tablo. :slight_smile:  I think it would give you guys and edge too.  There aren’t that many Fire TV apps yet and the conversion isn’t very complicated - I’m finishing up a conversion now.  (Or you could hire me :slight_smile: )



@PastorProgrammer - This is for Kindle Fire (the tablet) not Amazon Fire TV.

And we are hiring right now!

Seriously… the only tablet we have in my family is Amazon kindle. What is going on with this?

Any update on this?  Are they withholding it for a reason?

It has been a LONG process and we haven't really gotten any insight or seen any movement. 

Because of this, we're working on a few changes to the app and will be resubmitting it to the Kindle store shortly. We're hoping the 2nd attempt will be a winner. Stay tuned.

If it is delayed is there any chance of posting it from your apps page?..or allow some of us to “test” it for you?

If we wind up in the same situation, we’ll definitely have to look at other alternatives. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that though!

It would be nice, as the kindle is a preffered device in our house.