Any Buffalo Bills fans living in the Chicago area

Trying to find Buffalo Bills fans from the Chicago area.

Anyone in Chicago area wants to share their tablo connection. I’m in Buffalo and want to watch all the Bears games this season. I can offer all the Bills games.

I don’t believe there is a way to connect remotely without physically syncing a device locally first. Have you found a way around this? Maybe some of the really techie people here have. You would probably have better luck with Slingbox.

Any takers? This can be done easily. It’s getting close to football season. PM me if interested.

This gets me thinking…

I may need to buy another tablo and send it to a family member

Yeah I was thinking sending a cheap Craigslist phone to whoever wants to watch all the Bills games. Then they could do the same then I can watch all the Bears games and cast it to my TV via chromcast. Would only need to use it once a week for the game.

I wish the nfl/direct tv/AT&T would sell season passes for one team…

They would make a lot more money? Bars would loose a lot though…

What’s your favorite team and where are you located?