Any body try Roku Premiere yet?

I see it is now available at Best Buy.


What’s the difference in it and Roku 4?

So there are three new high end Rokus. The Roku Premiere is $79.99, and it appears to have the same features of the Roku 4 (4K streaming) for a cheaper price and no fan. However, it does not have an ethernet port, and the remote is line-of-sight with no headphone jack.

The Premiere+ is $99.99 and it includes HDR (for supported TVs), ethernet port, and a point anywhere remote with headphone jack.

The Ultra is $129.99 and it includes HDR, ethernet, point anywhere remote with headphone jack and voice search, remote finder, and a digital optical audio port.

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I really wish they would just have the Ultra remote on the Premiere model. I might have just bought that. Love having voice search and point anywhere remote.

Well I ended up buying the Premiere model. It was not even shelved at Best Buy, they had to locate it in the warehouse since they received it only one a day or two ago.

So far it is working flawlessly with my Tablo. No hanging like I was constantly getting with my Chromecast. Updates to come.

I decided to replace my FireTv box with a Premier+ box. I have it connected to a 4K Visio TV, going through a Sony soundbar.

It is weird that I can play 4K content just fine from Amazon and Youtube, but anything from Netflix is just 1080P. Is anyone else having this issue? I can work around it by playing Netflix directly from my TV, but it is a little annoying I can’t use my Roku for everything.

The Tablo app works well on it, though I don’t see any noticeable speed difference between my older Roku 3 and this. But I will try to do some timings soon.

Bought a Roku Premiere + yesterday in Canada for 89$

The Tablo app is much better designed on the Roku than the ATV. Guide is loading faster, the thumbnail to browse through a recording is more intuitive, and being able to finally sort my recordings per latest recordings, tv shows and so on is awesome.

My only issue with it so far is the remote which can’t control my TV audio (Samsung smart TV, anynet+) like the Apple TV, hopefully this gets added in a future FW from Roku.

I got my Premiere+ a few months ago and I noticed the same thing. I assumed it was because my TV (Samsung from just before they went “smart”) didn’t support it.

As per the guy from Roku at the end of this thread
CEC support on all Rokus has changed since the 7.x release and should not interfere with any other CEC devices. The CEC information on the Kodi website is outdated, doesn’t include any accurate Roku info, and in some cases is factually inaccurate. For example the Kodi website says you can’t control TV volume with just hdmi/CEC. This is not true. The CEC1.4 and CEC2.0 spec describes which CEC commands will control TV volume. However not many TVs currently understand those CEC commands. Toshibas since 2010, newer Sharp and Sony TVs are the one’s we’ve found to work. Samsung and LG do not currently.

So I was right. My dumb TV doesn’t support it.