Antop Antennas!

Does the channel behave the same way whether it is viewed through the Tablo or directly through the TV?

Excellent job on the mounting and install. Given your description of circumstances, I don’t think you’d benefit from changing the face direction. Great job, and I like the fact you’re using one of the two vhf arms, given the install locale.

Love this forum…yes…behavior is the same but intermittent. Sometimes it goes for days being stable…other times multiple failures during the day.

Any chance this could be related to the 105+ degree temperatures as of late here in Austin?

Thx Ben. I thought it was a happy medium considering I was already as the end of the ladder. Lolz.

Most certainly. I typically lose 15 to 20% signal strength in the hot and humid Georgia summers. When it goes above 95 degrees here, I see the signal strength drop quite a bit. Broadcasters may even drop their power levels at the transmitter during such weather.

You might want to search through the AVS forum Austin OTA thread for station specific issues:

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My new AT-400BV has replaced my 2 RCA Compact yagis 79 mi range (UHF/VHF). Antennas both with amps facing different directions. Mounted on poles on the top floor spare room. Now just one antenna.

Works great. Chas

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Ok then! Will do some additional reading! Thx.

If ever you need more gain, a friend replaced the SmartPass preamp on his 400BV with a Winegard LNA-200 and it improved the antenna performance. The SmartPass has 16 db gain (noise factor 2); the Winegard 20 db gain (lower noise factor 1). And there are other preamps even better such as the Kitztechs. So the Antop’s performance can be improved incrementally.

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Thanks I have a LNA-200, I was using it on one of the RCA Yagis. Will substitute if I decide to experiment with the new channels my recent scan found. Just very happy for now my pixelation problem is solved.


If you attach the LNA-200, use a short 1’ or 3’ cable at the top for the preamp and put the white Antop cable into the preamp output.

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I am thinking of getting the LNA-200 to experiment…so just to test my understanding. Your recommendation is the following:

BV400 - 1’ cable - LNA200 - Antop cable

Please confirm… in addition, sorry for the lame question, but why does it matter where in the line the LNA is positioned out of curiosity?


NVM. I found the answer after a single search. Sorry for being lazy. PreAmp is after the antenna to amplify the entire line. Amp amplifies only the line after the location it is installed.

Looks like in my case either amp is a bad idea. 11 miles away and still getting weak signal from time to time. Looks like my only option of last recourse is to mount a tall pole that will get above the roof line… hmmm… aiming from below may get problematic then… Thanks all!

Yes, that’s my recommendation. I’ve personally seen two friends implement their Antops this way and improved their reception. Here’s the reason they were willing to try this - they each had LNA-200s from previous antenna installations so this was at no extra cost to them.

The reason to put the preamp as close to the antenna is that it cuts down on signal strength loss with coax line length plus avoids noise on the line further down.

If you don’t have an LNA-200 here is another alternate option. In my personal experience, the best preamp is actually this one (Kitztech 200):

But at twice the cost ($80) of the Winegard. Quite a lot of people at other forums rank this one the best. It all depends on your situation (inside\outside, trees, obstacles, distance). In extreme situations the Kitztech would be the best bet; in all others the Winegard is adequate. I use the Kitztech and have implemented it for several neighbors and friends.

BTW if the Antop is inside, the Winegard LNA-100 (cheaper but same specs) would do just as well (I use both). In fact some people have measured the LNA-200 against the LNA-100 and the LNA-100 exhibits less noise due to its construction (even though the technical specifications state both are equal).

In an extremely difficult situation a Kitztech 500 or Channel Master 7777 and 7778 will do at $100.

I am leary because the station in question is only 11 miles away. Everything I read is that installing a preamp will do more harm than good in this case. I dont mind the cost if it will solve an annoying problem, just dont want to spend the cash if Im going to do more harm than good… Thoughts? Thanks again Mark! You are awesome!

Yep best to try it without preamp at 11 miles. BTW I had one station that gave me problems and no others did. I had to order a preamp just for that one station from Jan Jenca (only $40) and it did not interfere with the other stations. This is a one station solution.

Yep. One station issue.

As for the eaves mounting, the current mounting is as high as I can safely get with my 20ft extension ladder. Cannot reach the eaves otherwise would have. Good idea though…

In checking that station, it appears just like the others. Is it possible during this repack period, with a lot of work being done, that it is operating on temporary power? Its signal seems to be in line with all the rest.

Possible that with the Antop under the eaves, the roof and eaves are attenuating just that channel (depending on the height and azimuth from where it is being broadcast). Getting it above the roofline and over the eaves may solve this problem.

Or a pole in the ground to get the Antop fully outside the eaves (not necessarily above the roof). If you had a porch to attach the pole to:

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I think that is going to be my next iteration. Since I cannot get all the way on the roof, I am pretty confident I can build some support structures that attach to the side of the house. I can then extend the pole upwards over the roof line. That will be the best I can reasonably do. Now just have to find the right brackets and what not to get it done. Thanks all! I appreciate the active input!


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