Antennae works but Tablo cant find channels in scan


Very odd, nothing changed with my configuration, but all of a sudden Tablo wont find any channels after performing a rescan. I checked the antennae and it works great with many channels when it’s plugged directly into the TV. I rebooted the Tablo system, re-applied all the wires, and used the reset button.

Any help or suggestions?



does your coax connector on the Tablo spin? I’ve seen this posted before as the connector coming disconnected from the circuit board. I don’t know what your remedies for this situation are, if you are still in warranty, etc…


Thanks, yeah I looked at the possibility too. There is no give with the coaxial connector. It’s solid.


I would certainly contact support and see if they can check your logs for details about the problem.


We should be able to get to the bottom of this. Send us a ticket if you haven’t already.


Thanks, I sent a ticket 6 days ago. Not sure if you got it as I haven’t seen a reply yet.


I took a peak, and it looks like there’s been a dialogue going on - the team should get back to you shortly :slight_smile: