Antenna you plug in on power outlet



Anybody ever try this looks like is just a gimmick.


Never tried it but I would agree it is ‘mostly’ a gimmick. I imagine it would pickup some strong stations but that would be it.


Yes. Avoid. Run.


I have a friend who tried one of those, she was pulling in stations with clarity and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Turns out, she was in a perfect area, one of those locales where you get 35 stations with rabbit ears … which another friend demonstrated. Funny stuff.


Not shocked at all. It’s basically a paperclip with some fancy marketing. And they really seem to be targeting new cord cutters which is a shame.

When we first published the ‘antenna scam’ blog post, we actually had an electrical engineer comment on our Facebook page that these could even pose a potential fire hazard.

I am not an electrical engineer so I can validate his comment, but it’s certainly one more reason to avoid ‘antennas’ like these and pick up something from a trusted manufacturer.


Look like it plugs into an electrical outlet. That tells me that it has the potential to totally amp up its shocking value!


My cousin’s husband’s sister’s daughter’s best friend bought one of these and can get NY stations in LA!


I think I saw that testimonial on their website :rofl:


So can I! Unfortunately I don’t live in LA.