Antenna to coax connection with Tablo and Multiple TV's

New to the community. I have an attic antenna connected to my existing coax from old Fios setup. The coax connects throughout the house to 3 different TV’s. My question is: Is there a way to connect the Tablo into the existing coax setup without disconnecting the current antenna setup (which is hardwired via coax to the three tv’s)? But would like to continue to receive the coax antenna signal in each tv as well. Is this possible? I plan to have FireTV and Fire Sticks on each tv to access the Tablo via the app. Thanks so much

Yes get an amplified 4 way splitter for your antenna, 3 ports to each TV, and 1 port to the Tablo.

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Thanks for the info. I’m concerned because my antenna will connect to one tv upstairs then the coax snakes down outside the house through the old Cable ONT box through to the basement where currently goes through a splitter with 2 other coax lines going out for the basement and Living room TV’s. Basically, I’m not sure where to put in this amplifier because the existing coax set up has most of the connections (basement splitter) far away in the basement - away from the antenna and upstairs TV. Trying not to re-wire the house but use existing cable setup. Not sure if this is clear.

Normally something like this would replace your splitter. Just make sure to terminate any unused ports.

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Yes put the Tablo closest to the antenna. The Tablo has an internal 1x4 splitter so you want to put the Tablo as close to the antenna to ensure it gets the best signal off the antenna.

You could even get an amplified 1x2 splitter if you’re not going to re-wire the house.

So it is Antenna -> CM 1x2 splitter -> 1 port will feed your Tablo via a short RG6 coax cable. The other port will feed the other coax that feeds the rest of the TVs in your house.

This is not the most ideal way to set up the wiring, but it should work.

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Thanks. This sounds like my solution. In order to keep the Tablo closer to the Antenna. Would it be possible to do Antenna -> CM 1x2 splitter -> 1 port feed Tablo and the other Port starts out but (Taps) to one TV right there and then continues down to basement where it hits a splitter for the remaining 2 TV’s? Right now I have a triple splitter in the basement and the third line loops back all the way upstairs. Trying to cut out some coax length.

Antenna ->snakes all the way down to basement and replace current triple splitter with a 1x4 CM. Hook up 3 tv’s and Tablo there. Tablo will be further away from Antenna though. Will live in the center of the house next to router (which will be wired via ethernet).

A third option would be to leave your current setup as is and buy a second attic antenna just for your Tablo.

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I did a test run and connected all three TV’s to the antenna. Antenna - > Tap to TV 1 -> Run down to basement drop ceiling to 1x2 splitter to Basement TV and Living room TV. Got 68 Channels upstairs, 68 Channels Living room and 71 channels Basement. Looks like I may not need the CM amplifier after all. Now where two install the Tablo for best coverage is next?

Keep in mind the Tablo has an internal splitter so even though you are getting stuff clean now, depending on how close you are to the digital cliff with those signals you may still need to end up amplifying the signal going into the Tablo.

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As close to the antenna as possible. If the first place you can tap into the antenna feed is at TV 1, then that’s the best place to put the Tablo. To start, anyway.

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There are a few things I’d add to all the advice you’ve already received. Don’t forget that FIOS carries all their signals from the ONT to your set-top DVR (if you have one) and your Internet to their router over the coax as well. Be careful that you don’t put stuff on those lines that interfere with their signals.

It’s by far the best for your Tablo to be hard-wired with an Ethernet connection to the network. If not, there often are signal issues to the various devices that you wish to watch over.


I just have to say I really appreciate everyones help on this. I’m excited about getting this set up and giving the boot to Cable! Yes I was aware of the Coax on the internet router. I found a way to use the coax coming from the ONT to be dedicated to the router ONLY so it doesn’t mess with the Antenna signals at all. And I don’t have to request that the ethernet port be turned on in the ONT.

Regarding the Tablo ethernet hook up: Thats what I am concerned about. I don’t have an ethernet line upstairs where I planned to hook up the Tablo as follows: ANT -> CM 1x2 -> Tablo -> TV’s 1 -> 1x2 splitter -> TV’s 2, and 3.

However I could connect it at the end of one of my runs to the Living room TV which is right by the router. Wondering how it will perform. ANT -> CM 1x2-> TV 1-> 1x3 splitter -> TV2, and 3, and Tablo (ethernet hookup to Router)


addendum: Upstairs the Tablo would be about 10 feet from Antenna.

The living room with router is in the center of the house and is approximately 19 feet from Antenna.

Given that you can add an amplifier to the mix in the living room to boost the signal going to the Tablo if needed, my vote would be to have the Tablo near the router so you can go wired.

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Agreed, having the Tablo hardwired to the router is the best way to go. Having the set top boxes hardwired to the router is icing on the cake. Everything in my Tablo/Roku/Nexus setup is hard wired and I have no issues whatsoever (at maximum resolution settings).


That is great to hear!