Antenna signal strength utility to help with Fine tuning antenna position

Antenna signal strength with percent 0-100% indicator utility. Would be great to help with aming and fine tuning the position of the antenna for optimal signal strength


That takes another piece of equipment right now. But would be very useful if they could do it, but doubtful. Do a search for " Signal strength" to see the discussions on this topic.

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You actually want to see strength and SNR updating in real time. I’m not sure it should be built into the Tablo but it would be nice to see it as an app that could be used during setup and/or troubleshooting.

Right now I use my TVs (Samsung) as they have this information. It REALLY helped when aiming and setting up and tweaking my antenna.


I was thinking if they could maybe add it in the web app or the roku app to display the strength and SNR that would be great. If they could at least add it to the web app I can always take my laptop outside with me while I have a friend up on the roof moving the positioning the antenna it would be great.

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Yes please! That would be so helpful in handling setup. As well for my case it would really help know if I am getting too much signal, no way to know that with 5 green dots. Sadly I am in the camp of kinda watching and thinking about picking up HD homerun just so I can check that information… spending money on competing product for just that feature.

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