Antenna Signal Strength "Indicator"

I remember this being explained somewhere on the forum, but cannot locate thread again.

Tablo Main Page >> Settings >> Edit Channel Lineup

After Tablo does its channel scan, there are 5 dots, colored Red, Yellow, and Green.
Do these correspond to Signal Strength itself, or is it a reference to Antenna Zones based
on zipcode of tablo device and transmitter location?

Is there any published reference max signal to tablo can be before distortion becomes an issue [ ie overdriving / overloading the tuner(s) ]? I don’t remember this being mentioned, and also unable to find a reference in user guide / specs.

The dots definitely refer to signal strength.

If a signal is ‘too strong’ for the Tablo it will unfortunately still show five green dots as it’s a signal strength, not signal quality indicator.

It’s one of the many reasons why we’d like to improve this part of the Tablo apps and provide additional information to end users.

We do address a bit about overdriving tuners and signal strength in this post:

However, if you suspect one of your channels is coming in too strongly, our support team can check on this for you or you can experiment with attenuators which are quite affordable:

The colored dots correspond to error rates. Much better method of determining viable signal reception. Would like to see a number though, expressed as db/m, dbi, etc.

My problem may be differing from signal strength. In Houston, Tx TVFool indicates that all of the available channels should be “strong” yet I have a couple of channels that have 5 green but perform poorly. On flip side, there is at least 1 that is red but performs well.

Making matters more difficult, all antennas are within 3 or 4 degrees azimuth at my location.

Antennas have been changed, using a channel master “stealth” 3010hd (3v/9uhf)antenna. Farm is approx. 19 miles away. Previous antenna was a powered “panel” pos that was in use until I could find time to put a yagi in the attic. Covid has given me that time. New 3-9db / 30mi antenna (channel master, no corrosion, new 300/75 match, 15’ coax sweeps cleanly up to 1.5ghz, and using compression (not crimp) fittings. Fittings installed prior to sweeping. Max loss from dc to 1.5ghz = .78dbm

I do have a few attenuators that I can put inline, and will be trying that. Wish I had a slew of notch filters but those are quite pricy retail but I just might roll my own if the need is proven.

Previous location had 18/50db (v/uhf) yagi in the attic, 37 mile distance to the farm, crappy coax ( stapled to studs) ~40ft long between ant and tablo, 9db amplifier followed by 6db pads resulting in 3db gain to overcome signal loss from water running down roof when raining. Tablo worked wonderfully once all links were worked out, right up to day we moved. Now I am starting over.

Am I able to telnet into my 4-tuner (old) and retrieve the appropriate data myself?

Sorry, only the support team can access that kind of detailed info.