Antenna & Signal Meter Strength

Just checking to see if my signal is good enough before I invest in a Tablo Quad I have a Sony Tv with a signal meter on it. Here are my signal ranges SNR (db) 22.50 to 31.30. When adjusting my antenna I get a picture when the meter is at 15.50 and above. Need some expert advice.Thanks

There really isn’t a way to equate those numbers into any tablo equation. Generally, if one device ie) TV can receive a signal a good signal, they all can.

Now if you get weaker or lower signals, pictures drops, then you may have issues.
If you get a good quality signal,generally, there is little variance between tuners/TV – but not everyone’s experience is the same.

I think this was asked in another thread but any chance of being able to use the Tablo to have a signal meter built in? It’s tough being on the roof and trying to figure out the best adjustment for the antenna. It would be easy to be on the roof with my iphone watching the signal meter, instead I’m using facetime and trying to see what my TV signal meter is showing.

As screwy as that is - and a PITA I’m sure, that is one of the more ingenious methods I’ve heard :smile:

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