Antenna recommendation

I have a dual tablo and for the most part, I love it. I bought a Mohu Sky 60 outdoor antenna as recommended by Tablo, and therein seems to be my issue. Here are the parameters I am dealing with:

  1. All major broadcast antennas are in one area east of Orlando, FL and are located about 35 miles from me
  2. My antenna is located outside on the chimney stack about 25 feet up
  3. There are some trees about 30 feet away then it is a clear shot to the tv antennas
  4. Most networks come in okay, but for some reason, the NBC affiliate is weaker than the rest, which of course drags down the Tablo system.

I have no restrictions on the type of antenna to install, and I am more interested in something that works, regardless of the cost involved. My only other alternative is to pay for unlimited data with Comcast at $50 per month, just so the wife can watch Network TV.

Does anyone out there have a similar setup situation and have solved it with a particular antenna?

Thank you.

For my antenna needs, I went to a person who designs antennas. Reach out to Denny from Denny’s Antenna Service. Explain to him your location et al, and he comes back with recommendations. He helped me with a dual antenna setup so I can pick up both Chicago and Milwaukee markets. I’ve never looked back. Just great to work with.

I’ve got both an HD Stacker and EZ-HD antenna with a pre-amp and coupler on the same mast. This setup gets me 92 HD channels between both markets. Not too shabby. :wink:

Thanks, Rob. I’ve already check out his website and sent him an email. Hopefully Denny can come up with a solution for me. Thanks again.

Hi, I am 21 miles form the Bithlo towers. I use an Antop 400BV, the one with the VHF arms. NBC (WESH) is the only network in the Orlando market using VHF and I think that will remain so after the repack later this year. (Link to Amazon) Some people call Antop and get a better price.

I get 2-1 and 2-3 perfectly with this antenna. If you are north of Orlando in Volusia they do have a repeater site that uses UHF in Deland. You may have better luck.

Also, there are some folks on this forum from the Villages who have been able to get this station. Do a search for that.

Lysander, Thank you so much. You may have solved my problem. I wonder why WESH is such a hold out? And it gets worse at night, after about 10pm. Almost as if they lower their signal strength. But again, thank you for the info and the link.