Antenna Recommendation for DirecTV Mount

Hiya folks,

 I am looking to add an outdoor antenna to my already cancelled DirecTV

mast. The dish itself is gone however the mast is still there and ‘facing’ generally towards the North-West.

 We are looking for solid reception of as many channels as reasonably

possible and do not mind adding filters, amplifiers, etc, if need be.

 But again... the antenna must be able to be added to a DirecTV

mast/mount with minimal to moderate work involved.

Here is my TVFool report:

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for any help!

You have several VHF channels along with UHF. A Clearstream 2 with a Clearstream VHF Kit will do (for all the channels in the green). If something more powerful is needed then a Clearstream 4 (with the VHF kit). These Antennas Direct Clearstreams are easy to install and more compact than the AD DB4 and 8 antennas. My philosophy is go with the stronger antenna and I’d choose a Clearstream 4 which will get you those stations in the yellow and red as well (why climb twice). Preamp won’t be needed but maybe a distribution amp in the future for multiple TV feeds (unless the Tablo is used for all TV feeds).

Some anticipatory advice since you’ll be laying all this out: run a cable from the antenna (if the original DirecTV cable isn’t there already) and use a splitter to feed the Tablo and a TV. Whenever reception problems arise (or Tablo jitters), it is easier to use the TV to debug OTA signal problems. As well it is easier to channel surf using a TV than the Tablo.

Total cost should be in the neighborhood of $150 - budget for that figure.

BTW the Eaglestar is an intriguing antenna (also with VHF addon kit). One of my friends installed one (roof mounts on existing facilities are easy with it) and he gets great reception. I have more experience with Clearstream installations but some people swear by the Eaglestar (interesting YouTube video on installing one). The Clearstream 4 does particularly well in wooded areas (and was designed with that in mind).

Both antennas are compact size and easily installable. I’m also an expat from DirectTV ($139 a month down to $15 a month with OTT streaming packages plus OTA).

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