Antenna Questions

Hello, everyone. I’m looking for a bit of advice from the community. I’m going to be moving into a new house soon that is within 12 miles of all the broadcast towers for the major networks that I want to pick up. This house also happens to have a nice pole already placed in the backyard that would place an antenna about 6 feet off the ground. The TV Fool website tells me I shouldn’t have any trouble pulling in strong signals.

My question, of course, is about what might be the most efficient antenna for me to get. I’ve been checking out the offerings from Best Buy and was wondering what the gurus here might be able to suggest.

According to TV Fool the majority of the broadcast towers are almost directly North and almost directly West. If I point the antenna at about 315 degrees I figure I ought to be able to pull them all in.

What antenna might y’all suggest?


Have a look at my other thread, posted pictures of my setup and the antenna I am using with links to Amazon on the quipment.

Thanks, folks.

@Lothos, I’m not sure I need quite the setup you have, but I was looking at that antenna you’ve got. Got more stuff to think about and plan.



Update Michael?

You will be fine with this single bow…i am 18 miles away, so i bought the double works great…10 1080i and 6 …720p…some 480…but we only kept HD channels from scan

You would be shocked to see how much Cell towers and LTE interference…i installed this best 7.14 spent ever…pixalization GONE on all channels