Antenna proven good, Tablo won't pick up any channels?

I have the Tablo App on my LG smart tv, it can’t connect with my Tablo Box. I was able to connect via the App on my iPhone, found my postal code, but it won’t pick up any channels? I know my antenna is good because the other OTA box I just unplugged picked up more than 40 channels

So you did nothing with your antenna except unplug it from the old box & into the Tablo then did a channel scan & Tablo failed to find any channels?

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You did go through the normal setup procedures on your phone, right? I had to do mine 2 or 3 times before i got it right what with all the downloads of software Tablo did and my clumsiness with setting up channels, etc.

@buckshotk If you connect to your Tablo at using a PC, can you run a successful scan there?

Do the channels show up and you don’t check them. @Tablotv or @Rablosupporrt said some time ago they would automaticall check all green stations. I’ve given up asking and waiting.

I bought a Chromecast and when I plugged it in to one of the hdmi ports I re tried scanning on my phone for the hell of it :white_check_mark: Then when I went to the app on the tv it suddenly said there was an update to the Tablo app and it kicked in too​:+1:t3: Seems weird to me because both the Tablo and my tv were on my Ethernet connections, not WiFi. But when I plugged the WiFi Chromecast in that’s when it all decided to work :woman_shrugging:t2: