Antenna Placement

I just moved from FL (near Orlando) to a relatively rural area of VA. I dutifully researched and placed my Mohu Leaf antenna high on the wall where I anticipated the best signal. Sadly, I got very few channels and many were pixillated. Those that I did get, were not high res. I was scrambling to find the amplifier that came with my antenna (I didn’t need it in FL), but couldn’t locate which box it might be in.

This morning, I decided to try moving the antenna to see if I could improve things. I tried higher on the wall. I tried taping it to a window. Both of these moves resulted in a loss of channels and an even worse picture quality. I kept trying. Nothing seemed to help. I decided to go back to searching for the amplifier/box. When I did so, I simply dropped the antenna on the floor.

I now have three times the number of channels and they’re all high def! Awesome reception! The antenna is still on the floor!

The moral of the story is…sometimes the solution isn’t as technical is we might think! :joy:


A lot of people find the “leaf style” antenna work best laying flat. YMMV.

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Now it’s just the awkwardness of explaining to visitors why you have an antenna laying in the middle of your floor. :wink:

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I dunno, this seems like a marketing opportunity for Mohu.



Now I know why my antenna has a big “Welcome” printed on it. :wink:

I love this idea! But I sure hope the rugs come in a different color. LOL

Ha - I just picked this one because it’s ‘Mohu green’ :stuck_out_tongue: